Yes, we do. Should you want to claim from your medical aid for home care services, Oasis will assist you in obtaining authorization for the services.
Yes, they are. In fact 95% of all our staff has been trained by our sister business entity, Oasis Training Centre and therefore we know what their competencies are.
We prefer to do things properly and right and therefore we will 1st conduct a pre-admission assessment of the client, ensure that all paperwork and administrative processes has been completed and then we will arrange a meet and greet session before we will place the carer. All of this can be done within 18 to 24 hrs prior to placement. Urgency placements can happen in within 2-3 hrs after the request for placement was received.
No. We prefer to keep the assigned carer for as long as we can with the client. There is a 7 day adaptation period. After 7 days if the client or the family is of the opinion that the carer and the client is not compatible and is not getting along, we will than change the carer with a new one. Should the request to change carer comes before than the 7 days adaptation period laps, we will make the change should we feels it is necessary to do so. In general we prefer to wait the 7 days out before we change the carer.
Yes, we do. Carers are supervised and supported by a registered nurse, who will at least one a month visit all care points. Where the need for more visits have been identified, the registered nurse (Care Coordinator) will do extra visits until the situation at the client has been sorted and brought under control.