We at the Oasis Training Centre strive to provide quality skills training for efficient home based caring. As a training institution involved within the care industry, the training that is provided by the Oasis Training Centre empowers and capacitate people from local communities in Geriatric (Elderly) Home Care skills training. The course covers a range of competencies and focuses on areas such as ethics and professionalism, infection control, hygiene needs, anatomy and physiology which includes common illnesses such as hypertension asthma, introduction to first aid and introduction to HIV and disabilities, which enables the students to provide basic care in care facilities or private home settings.

Students are placed at Oasis Heights, which is the Oasis group’s own care facility, and also all around the Helderberg region for their practical requirements.

The curriculum for this course was inflated in the sense that we have integrated the Eden Alternative approach and its 10 principles into our training programme. In addition to that we have contracted care partners, Helderberg Stroke Support Group, to provide training in the care of the disabled people and people living with stroke complications. As occupational and physiotherapists they provide basic training in the transferring of disabled people, with addition to the care of a para-, hemi– and quadriplegic people in more detail.

The Eden Alternative care approach, and the training provided by both Oasis Training Centre and Helderberg Stroke Support, enable our students to provide a holistic approach, embedded in person–centered care.

Oasis Training Centre is always searching for new training modules to be added to the programme, to further enhance the capabilities of our students. Thus we have introduced Tai Chi into the programme. This will enable our students to introduce the ancient Chinese art of relaxation into their care. This combined with the neck, back and foot massages will give that extra (person-centered) care to the elderly clients. Niklaas Thysen, Tai Chi & Qi Gong Master and teacher at Somerset West Asian Chinese Martial Arts Wellness Centre, is contracted for this purpose.

Please note: This course is not accredited by HWSETA. It is a skills program designed to equip our students with the fundamental theoretical and practical skills for elderly caregiving.


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