OASIS HOME CARE SERVICES  is an in-home carer placement agency service. It prides itself in the provision of quality, professional care giving to any person who requires home care, whether on a 24-hour basis or just for a few hours. We care for:

  • Older people that are frail
  • People living with a memory impaired disease such as Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia and Senility.
  • People who had intrusive surgery such as hip and knee replacements and require assistance with mobility and physiotherapy exercises at home post surgery.
  • People who are bedridden due to the complications of hypertension (high blood pressure) such as stroke complications, paraplegia due to trauma and or other causes.
  • Older people that just cannot cope with fulfilling their daily functions of living due to the aging process, Parkinson’s disease and other disease related with old age.
  • People with an end of life disease (terminal disease) such as cancer.
  • People with a severe impacting disability that requires long term home care.


Peace Of mind:
Oasis Home Care Services is well supported by various health facilities, private medical practitioners and medical specialist in terms of its referrals for home care. Our referrals are sourced from Mediclinic Vergelegen and Busamed private hospitals. We also work with Spescare Rehab (sub-acute) hospital (Strand and Hermanus), as well as the Helderberg Hospice and Oncology Care cancer services in Somerset West.

By partnering with these health facilities, medical doctors and specialist, we aim to give you, the client and your loved ones that peace of mind that you will receive top notch, quality home care, supported and supervised by a registered nurse.


Packages of care:
Oasis Home Care Services provides various care services and packages of care related to the older person care industry. Beside care for older people in the comfort of their homes, we also provide companions, transport services to medical appointments, collection of medication from pharmacy and the renting of mobility aids (wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs etc) and care consumables such as adult nappies. We also do domestic cleaning should an older person required housekeeping services. Please feel free to contact us and enquire about our various services and costs.


Staffing solutions:

Care facilities, retirement homes and frail care centers are welcome to contact us for their staffing challenges. Oasis Home Care Services provides replacement or temporary staff to these institutions as we know that the care industry is often challenged by staff shortages, absenteeism and high attrition rates. Our rates are very affordable and our staff is competent, reliable and most importantly friendly and honest.


Care Options available:
Our care packages are standard and designed to meet most of the needs of our clients. Where we fall short, we will customize our care to suit a client’s unique care needs. The rate card with its various care packages is available on request.


Medical Aid claims:
All medical aid client clients must provide the agency with:

  • Full medical aid details.
  • A motivation letter from the attending Doctor, inclusive of all ICD-10 codes.

The agency will apply for authorisation to the appropriate medical aid scheme and if granted, the process, in terms of making claim submissions to the medical aid, will be explained to the client and loved ones.


Staff supervision and control:

Care personnel, although being well trained, is not left to their own devices when placed at a client’s home. Staff is supported, supervised and monitored by a Care Coordinator, who is a registered nurse.

This person conducts regular home visits in support of both staff and client. Apart from providing clinic and administrative support to staff, the Care Coordinator also monitors and evaluates care practices and standards.

Oasis Home Care Services places quality at the top of its core values and therefore staff are measured against strict quality assurance and care standard policies.