You may be able to find work at any old age care facility, retirement village, frail care facility or privately caring for someone in their own home. Oasis caring network may also find you suitable opportunities if available.
The training centre have agreements with some of the care facilities in Strand where you will be placed and a facilitator will assess you whilst there. This is part of the training period and will not be remunerated.
You should be able to work 12 hour shifts if a full time student. Commonly referred to as nursing shifts. Should you have a problem with this please feel free to speak to us. Part–time students will work hours that suits them and must be arranged before with your facilitator.
Unfortunately Oasis training centre do not assist with transport arrangements at all.
Oasis is in the process of accrediting a new course soon and it will be communicated via the media our website and Facebook page. The current course is however not accredited but it is specifically designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide quality care for the elderly.
A deposit of secures your space. Thereafter two monthly installments. Please contact the Training Centre for all costs. Fees are revised annually.